oh i don’t know

today is not a capital letter day. i wanted to clean my room and got up at 2:30 then just messed on the computer all day. i really think i should throw the damn thing out the window. might actually get something done, though i did get my desk cleaned off and copied off a file from Chris from his chicken’s brain. It’s been laying here for days. Listening to the new placebo album. always love brian molko. he’s so steamy hot, nasty boy, lol. i had some little old man call today with a wrong number. he called back but i didn’t bother answering it. he called me hon, which i got a bit of a kick out of.


About moonvapors

I love music. My favorite band is Sunrise Avenue, but I really like all kinds of music from Vampire Metal to classical. I live in the midwest of the US with my one eyed cat, Blinky and my Chihuahua Mr Mosie . I love the rain and snow, flowers, wind in the trees, the rustle of corn in the summer and the crunch of leaves underfoot in the fall. I write poetry and dream of a better world, a new world order where people mattered instead of money. I think my biggest regret is not traveling the world when I was young. Oh well, maybe in my next life, huh?
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