Freedom of Religion

The new Freedom of Religion Restoration laws so far enacted in Indiana and Arkansas is so much in keeping with the reversal of freedom that is happening in the US. Hate and divisiveness seems to be the watchword and our legislators revel in it. The American people mainly think that religion means the so-called Christianity that has been perverted into an exclusive club that only those who fit in the cookie cutters they have approved are allowed to enter. There are multitudes of religions out there, folks. And this opens up the ability to discriminate against anyone, even the white bread Americans who think they’re going to be in charge of the world forever. Even in the US whites will shortly no longer be the majority. I remember reading a short story when I was in grade school, and forgive me please but I forget the title and author. I still have the story somewhere but it is packed at the moment thanks to a recent move. Anyway it is written in the future and earth is dying. Sometime in the past of the story all the blacks have been driven from the planet to another. Now the white world must come to that planet because they have no choice. Immediately many of the people start putting signs up,’ whites to the back of the bus’ and ‘Blacks Only’ and all the typical pre 60’s signs here in the US that discriminated, but then a sane voice says no, they should rise above and show compassion and so they welcome the white people. My question is why can’t people really be like this? People use the Bible, a book written by men and twisted by the churches for centuries to create power for themselves, to prove their hatefulness is right and good. Jesus never said for us to judge others, he said God would judge us. Jesus never said hate someone for who they love, he said love everyone. I wish these people who have no idea who God even is or what He’s about would quit using Him for their agendas. Because that’s all this law is about. A business owner is in business to serve whomever seeks his service. Freedom of religion means a person has a right to worship as they see fit. Gays do not infringe on anyone worshiping as they see fit. Gay marriage doesn’t affect anyone else’s marriage. People are brainwashed by ignorance and stupidity. I think if /when there is judgment in heaven those promoting hate will have a very lot to answer for. Much more than any gay person ever might have.


About moonvapors

I love music. My favorite band is Sunrise Avenue, but I really like all kinds of music from Vampire Metal to classical. I live in the midwest of the US with my one eyed cat, Blinky and my Chihuahua Mr Mosie . I love the rain and snow, flowers, wind in the trees, the rustle of corn in the summer and the crunch of leaves underfoot in the fall. I write poetry and dream of a better world, a new world order where people mattered instead of money. I think my biggest regret is not traveling the world when I was young. Oh well, maybe in my next life, huh?
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1 Response to Freedom of Religion

  1. because people LIKE having someone they are better than – we LIKE exclusive “tribes”. We are wired for tribal society and try to pretend we’re not. In tribal society the survival of one’s own tribe is more important than the other tribes, or groups, making the non-members “less”. since we don;t have real tribes, we make them by boxing people into social groups.

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