Nothing Much

It’s a winter wonderland out there, lol.  20 inches, so I’ve heard.  Unheard of here in southern Missouri, I think we’ve set a record.  I  love it, but it came on Tuesday, and we were supposed to go to Springfield Wednesday and Thursday.  Guess who didn’t go, lol.  We were buried under in the parking lot.  They came with a scraper blade Thursday night and dug us out.

I was disappointed.  I sent notice I was on WordPress and the link to some friends.  Two cared enough to subscribe.  I guess that’s the way it is, though.  I read yours, you don’t read mine.

I have officially abandoned MySpace now.  No one but Martin left there that I care about.  Funny cos he was the first to suggest we all leave and yet he is the only one still clinging on.  I will miss him.  I’m on Friendburst if anyone cares.

hit a wrong button here, but I guess it’s all right.  I have trouble learning to use all these new ones and I have been through a bunch of social networks trying to find something I liked.

I’m also sort of on Myboomerplace.  I check it if anyone sends me a comment and comment back, but that is about it.  I put too many pictures on it and it tends to freeze my computer up, lol.  I can’t find where to edit it to take some off so will have to have Jo help me sometime.  She is always so buried under I hate to ask her anymore.

Sunrise Avenue has their new album finished.  Out of Style.  I can’t wait to get a copy.  They released their first single off it and I have listened to that.  Love it, as always. They are very talented and Samu is so sexy, lol.

Well, that’s all that’s new in my life.  How about you?


About moonvapors

I love music. My favorite band is Sunrise Avenue, but I really like all kinds of music from Vampire Metal to classical. I live in the midwest of the US with my one eyed cat, Blinky and my Chihuahua Mr Mosie . I love the rain and snow, flowers, wind in the trees, the rustle of corn in the summer and the crunch of leaves underfoot in the fall. I write poetry and dream of a better world, a new world order where people mattered instead of money. I think my biggest regret is not traveling the world when I was young. Oh well, maybe in my next life, huh?
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1 Response to Nothing Much

  1. I have some friends like that, too, so I know how it feels 😦

    There are a few people left on mySpace that i care about, which is why i still have an account there, but it;s hard to get into it a lot of the time 😦

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